More Than 400 Dupers Banned, Tens of Thousands of Items Deleted

After a month-long investigation and a thorough review of all involved, we:

banned more than 400 accounts,

deleted more than 100,000 illegally duplicated items, and

deleted more than one trillion in gold.

More importantly, the bugs that allowed this particular kind of illegal duplication have been fixed. Also, duping and exploit prevention/detection systems have been in place for some time now — systems that help us to identify and eliminate cheaters.

We take all forms of cheating extremely seriously, especially cheats that affect the in game economy and devalue the hard work of honest players. We will never stop investigating and solving these issues, and appreciate very much those of you who contribute to the fight against cheating. We’ve had to keep these developments quiet until we completed our investigations, but we are very proud to be able to make this announcement today.